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San Diego for Every Child is an initiative working to cut the experience of child poverty in half by 2030. Beginning at grassroots level and driven by collective power, we value community and the people in them. We are advocates for family and children centered policies and work across four sectors: Food, Housing, Healthcare, and Child Care & Early Education. If these basic needs are unmet, children without these resources are at a higher risk of stress, illness, and socioeconomic disadvantage. To directly support families, we are launching San Diego County’s first guaranteed income pilot! This is a ‘no strings attached’ program, meaning participants have the freedom to choose where and how to spend these funds to uplift themselves and their family.  These pilots have been replicated across California in Stockton, Oakland and Santa Clara as well as nationally in cities such as Tacoma, Washington; Newark, New Jersey, and Richmond, Virginia. Our goal is to lessen the financial strain on low-income families of color to allow them to focus on other priorities that improve their overall health well-being. We are starting with the most vulnerable communities in the San Diego region who have also been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, through continuous evaluation, we will add to the growing body of research on guaranteed income to highlight the inefficiencies present within our social services safety net programs. We will learn directly from families about what is working, what is not, and organize to eliminate systemic obstacles that keep them from thriving.