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  • Requirements/Eligibility:
    WIC serves the following groups: Pregnant women, postpartum women (up to 6 months for non-breastfeeding and up to 1 year for breastfeeding), and children (up to age 5). All families must meet the following income qualifications: Monthly Gross Income by Household Size: 1 / $1,926 2 / $2,607 3 / $3,289 4 / $3,970 5 / $4,652 6 / $5,333 7 / $6,015 8 / $6,696 More than 8- Add $682 for each additional family member. Note: WIC excludes certain military pays and allowances such as BAH. Note: Unborn children should be counted in family total.

Supplemental nutrition assistance program that helps pregnant women, infants, and children eat well, stay healthy, and be active. At no cost to qualifying participants, WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) provides checks for healthy foods, nutrition education for parents and caregivers, breastfeeding support from trained professionals, and referrals to community resources. American Red Cross WIC clinics are located throughout San Diego County.