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Access America – a free online course for new immigrants

269003 Box Office Drive, Sacramento, CA, USA
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    Anyone can study on the USA Learns website. Most of our students study without a teacher, but USA Learns is also used in many adult schools. There is a teacher site, where teachers, tutors, library staff, etc. can create their own free courses and monitor their learners' progress.
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The USA Learns website is 100% free to immigrants who want to learn English, gain job skills, prepare for U.S. citizenship, and learn digital literacy skills.

The Access America course, located in the USA Learns website, teaches intermediate English and various topics, including:

  • Using community services and public transportation
  • Managing your money, opening a bank account, and paying taxes
  • Finding a job and interviewing
  • Finding good child care services
  • Getting children started in school and helping them succeed
  • Dealing with doctors, dentists, and health insurance
  • Preparing for emergencies and staying safe at home and at work
  • Developing your workplace skills and getting promoted
  • Continuing your education
  • Becoming a citizen
  • Learning about famous places in the U.S.
  • Navigating useful websites for work, housing, school, and other purposes

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